Raspberry Pi never fails to launch high-quality technology. One of which is the Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera. The new camera module is capable of taking 12.3- megapixel photos and videos in 4K/30p resolution. Plus, the lenses are interchangeable. This module has so much to offer.

Compared to the previous models, this has improved quite a lot. The model has a built-in Sony IMX477 sensor, and it comes with a mount for C and CS lenses and a tripod mount.

What’s good about this module is that the types of lenses you can attach is not limited to those mentioned. You can use other professional lenses. Of course, there are limits, but a lot of lenses are compatible for use with it. Hence, it’s a worth it module to try out.

The only downside to this item is that the built-in sensor of this module is quite small. It means that it affects the quality of the picture, especially when it comes to taking photos in low-light conditions. However, we would want to point out that overall, it does what it advertises. So, if you’re looking for a module like this, then this would be a good buy for you.