Get Better at Scrabble by Using the Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera

If you are one of those people who are struggling to win in a game of Scrabble at home, with friends, family, or your significant other, then fret no more. There is a way to up your game and make people fear you for some real competition.
Have you ever thought of using a camera to win a Scrabble game? Well, here are some tips and tricks, by Wayne from Devscover, on how you can lay down the highest-scoring words based on the tiles you have.
You will need a Raspberry Pi model that has a camera and display ports. This trick works best with the Raspberry Pi 3B, a touchscreen device, and the Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera.

Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera

Raspberry Pi never fails to launch high-quality technology. One of which is the Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera. The new camera module is capable of taking 12.3- megapixel photos and videos in 4K/30p resolution. Plus, the lenses are interchangeable. This module has so much to offer.
Compared to the previous models, this has improved quite a lot. The model has a built-in Sony IMX477 sensor, and it comes with a mount for C and CS lenses and a tripod mount.
What’s good about this module is that the types of lenses you can attach is not limited to those mentioned. You can use other professional lenses. Of course, there are…