The Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+ is one of those earlier models of the Raspberry Pi’s computer machines. It has significantly made improvements compared to its predecessor, Raspberry Pi Model A.

Some of the changes which made this model a better version are the following:

  • The GPIO pins have increased from 26 to 40.
  • As for the Micro SD socket, they have now incorporated a push-push Micro SD instead of the friction-fit SD card.
  • Energy consumption is lower with this model because of the change from linear regulators to switching regulators.
  • Better sound quality since the power supply used in this model is “low-noise.”
  • This model is more compact than the previous model. Changes in the alignment of certain parts have been made, such as the USB connector and the composite video. Because of these minor changes, it made a difference in the size of this particular model. In effect, it is shorter than the Model A.

As with every technology made, the downside is that there are more recent models that can do better than this model. However, if you are looking for something which can do the job at a lower cost and a stable pace, then this would be the right pick for you.