The Compute Module 3+, also known as the CM3+, is the model that serves to replace the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3. It differs from other Raspberry Pi model boards in the sense that it comes in a thinner or slimmer and more compact structure because it is for use in industrial appliances and not to operate a home computer.

The notable feature that we find the need to point out is its ability to work for long periods without issues. It can sustain a heavy load of work without overheating. The heat spreading feature is there to ensure that the CPU will be able to maintain a lower average temperature, or it will take a longer time for the CPU to hit the 80 degrees Celsius mark. With that feature, it is less likely to slow down the CPU’s performance.

Things We Liked: 

  • Compact design is convenient and beneficial for use, especially to those who would want to build something out of the CM3+
  • Cost-effective – the pricing is reasonable considering its design and functionality
  • Stability – the fact that it is a Raspberry Pi product in itself would tell you that it has undergone tests to be worthy of consumers’ trust
  • More storage compared to its previous models as the CM3+ comes with a 4GB worth of flash storage

Things We Disliked: 

Complexity or not user-friendly. However, considering the target market of this particular model, it is understandable that it is for those who have the technical know-how.